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Sue Woolfe



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Nominated as the most influential novel in Australia in the 20th century.

This is not my story. It is the story of Frances Montrose, an Australian woman with no formal mathematical training who carried across the world, in a broken suitcase bulging with a friend’s ball dresses, something one one knew about.
The discovery of a new number.
I can barely add up so I can’t tell you much about her mathematics. Only to say she was a genius. And she was my mother, my love, my emptiness. Her mathematics was her secret passion and her curse.
And my curse too. – Hypatia Montrose.

“What a glorious, nourishing, tumultuous novel.”
Fay Weldon, UK.

“Most readers would find themselves wishing that 'Leaning Towards Infinity' would never end.”
MS Magazine.

“Remarkable…provocative, moving, and intelligent”
Times Literary Supplement, UK.

“Woolfe’s name can sit besides Marquez’s with scarcely a blush.”
Daily Telegraph, UK.

“The deepest novel of ideas for years”
Baltimore Sun, US.

“Captivating from the very first line”
Boston Globe, US.

“Astonishing – a yearning for mother love so fierce it virtually wrenches itself from the page”
She Magazine.

“It changed the way I think about mathematics and its place in the world’.
Phil Kutzo, Professor of Mathematics, University of Iowa, US.

“With this book, Sue Woolfe places herself amongst the finest of Australian writers ... I would not be surprised if it became a cult book of great durability.” – Thomas Keneally

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Fiction > Modern and contemporary fiction (post c. 1945)